Summer 2021

Software Engineering Intern


Internship for college juniors and seniors, accepted as a sophomore. Developing parts of the Aladdin platform, creations being released to thousands of users. Building an “Integrated Snow Report”, a prototype for a cloud data warehouse and its integration with reporting systems. Using Camel Seda to parallelize data queries to cloud platform. Tech stack: Java, SQL, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Apache Camel (integration), Apache Ignite, Apache Spark, Python.

Summer 2021-

Open Source Developer

Tangible AI

Given a set of linear dialogs, I aim to create a single graph structure that “forks” when the dialogue intent changes, and a multi-degree node when two dialogue reach the same state. Effectively merging two dialogs together, creating an intent-based dialog graph. Adding this functionality to the qary library. Credited as a contributing author to “Natural Language Processing in Action, 2nd Ed.”

Summer 2021-

Co-Founder & CTO


Serving as core backend (Django REST framework) and AI developer to up-and-coming mobile app Brainstorming marketing and design strategies Incubator track in the UC San Diego Basement

Spring 2021-Summer 2021



Leading organization, establishing business direction and actualized operational plans to meet goals. Adopting and improving current NLP and CV methods to create an application that will alleviate manual work in studying and memorization Employing state-of-the art models such as T5, Pegasus, KeyBERT Core backend and API design with DRF, Djoser, PostgreSQL

Winter 2021-Fall 2021

Undergraduate Research Scholar

Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute

One of 20 students to be awarded the competitive $2,500 Undergraduate Research Scholarship Using Deep Q learning, policy networks for adaptive quantitative group testing by randomly sampling rows of the Walsh-Hadamard matrix. By doing this, we aim to restore a pre-determined binary vector of length 2^N with 2^K ones. Mentor: Professor Tara Javidi

Winter 2021-Spring 2021

Undergraduate Student Researcher

Qualcomm Institute - UC San Diego Division of Calit2

Leveraging influxes of data and contributing to the development of QI's college return on investment app.

Fall 2020-Winter 2021

NLP Intern


Leveraging Python and machine learning pipelines to extract key information from lending documents, converting into a FastAPI. Reducing time for data labeling and processing procedure from two weeks to seconds.

Summer 2020

Research Intern

Scripps Research Translational Institute

Under the mentorship of Professor Giorgio Quer, perform elaborate analyses of physiological data, including respiration rates, heart rates, ECG waveform intervals, Bazett & Fiderea calculations, aortic blood pressure, from primates. Examine cross-correlation between ECG series, develop models to predict body temperature from RR intervals, contribute to the development of wearable monitoring systems.

Fall 2019-Summer 2020

Arduino + CV Programmer

The Basement at UC San Diego - MassageBot

Write operational code for the MassageBot prototype, currently in the incubator startup track for the UCSD Basement Program. Utilizing Arduino in conjunction with computer vision. The idea for the start-up is based on hair loss treatment research by UC Berkeley professor Robert English, in the process of partnering with him during the course of the prototyping/MVP phase.

Spring 2020-Summer 2020

Data Science Intern


One of two UCSD undergraduates to be awarded a $10,000 scholarship and an opportunity to work in quantitative analysis and foster a data-driven approach to solving problems in medical research. Working with a software team in BD, a leading company in healthcare worker and patient safety. Research concentrating on Medication Drug Diversion and Enterprise Medication Inventory Optimization.


March 2023

B.S. in Data Science with Minor in Mathematics

UC San Diego

  • Taking upper-division mathematics classes starting my freshman year
  • Co-Director and Technical Lead of the Data Science Student Society Online Content Committee
  • Reinforcement Learning Engineer in IEEE Project Drive, preparing for F1Tenth robot simulator competition
  • HDSI Industry-Sponsored Research Scholarship Recipient
  • HDSI Undergraduate Research Scholarship Recipient
  • Project E-Cell Group UI/UX Designer and Developer

Fall 2018-Spring 2019

General Education

Cañada College and College of San Mateo

While in high school, completed advanced math classes and lower-division computer science requirements. Tutored college students in algebra, calculus, linear algebra, CS, and astronomy in the Cañada College STEM Center

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main marketable skills









transferable skills





additional skills

Java, JavaScript libraries, OOP, Ruby on Rails, UX Design, Web Development (showcased right here!), Flask, Streamlit, Digital Ocean, Tableau, MATLAB, Scala, C++, Computer Vision, AWS,

relevant coursework

Data Science

  • COGS 9: Introduction to Data Science
  • COGS 14A: Introduction to Research Methods
  • CSE 152: Introduction to Computer Vision
  • COGS 108: Data Science in Practice
  • DSC 10: Principles of Data Science
  • DSC 20: Algorithms, Data Structures, and Programming for Data Science I
  • DSC 30: Algorithms, Data Structures, and Programming for Data Science II
  • DSC 80: The Practice and Application of Data Science
  • DSC 96: Workshop in Data Science
  • DSC 190: Introduction to Data Mining
  • MATH 189: Exploratory Data Analysis and Inference


  • COGS 14B: Introduction to Statistics
  • DSC 40A: Theoretical Foundations of Data Science I
  • DSC 40B: Theoretical Foundations of Data Science II
  • MATH 20D: Introduction to Differential Equations
  • MATH 109: Mathematical Reasoning
  • MATH 154: Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory
  • MATH 183: Statistical Methods

Subject Domain

  • CHEM 11: The Periodic Table
  • COGS 17: Neurobiology of Cognition
  • PHYS 2A: Mechanics